Vehicles in the steam era are sometimes a mere conveyance but often can be a wonder in themselves. Barriers between people were smashed by new steamships and railroads being laid down. A novel form of travel was often viewed with a mix of awe, whimsy and occasionally fear.

Steam Travel

For most people, travel was handled for them. Many rode the trains or steamships where they wanted to go but relatively few actually were involved in getting the ships and trains from place to place. For most characters travel will be like this. They board the vehicle and off they go. Itís only those that make a living by transporting goods and people that concern themselves with the operation of most vehicles.

To start up a steam vehicle requires a Boiler skill Intelligence check with a basic difficulty of 5. Older or damaged boilers may have other difficulty ratings to start them up. If a boiler is left unattended for more than a half hour, it must be restarted.


When racing vehicles the characterís are not competing directly against each other, they are mainly competing against the conditions of the course. Characters that are piloting the vehicle have to overcome changing difficulties. Other contestants on the course can block the path and must be out maneuvered. This is a character vs character contest.

On a straight away with an Intelligence difficulty of 1 the main concern is speed and so all the pilotís methods will be put into bringing out the power of a vehicle. Once the vehicle gets into a turn with an Agility difficulty of 3, the pilot now has to use methods that bring out the maneuverability of the vehicle. Other conditions that can alter the difficulties faced are things like a steep incline, obstacles to avoid and knowing the limitations of the vehicle.

The GM tracks how much the character beat the difficulty ratings for each leg. Positive values increase the total, Negative values lower the total. At any point, the character with the highest point total is in the lead.

When a characterís race score is about to go above another characterís, they need to pass. They must win a character vs character contest against the other pilot in order to do so or their score is capped at the other characterís score.

Vehicles And Damage

Vehicles are only as important as the people in them. Vehicles assume the number of SP equal to that of the player and non player characters immediately on board. This is the Rider SP.

Some vehicles are built to be more resistant to damage these vehicles have an SP multiplier. The Rider SP is multiplied by the SP multiplier.

Why base a vehicleís resistance to damage on itís passengers? For one, the number of passengers indicates size of the vehicle but Steampunkfitters is about the story being told. When a Player Character steps onto a vehicle, that vehicle is now more important to the story. If the arch villain is getting away in his airship, the get away is important to the story. The character imbues the vehicle with their importance.

Heavy Guns

Naval and pirate ships made for combat usually will carry heavy cannon. The damage for these is based off the gunnery skill but the number and power of the guns on board will effect the damage done.

The Gunnery Skill damage is multiplied by the Gun Multiplier for that vehicle. If the vehicle has no Gun Multiplier then it has no offensive weaponry.

Vehicle Methods and Tricks

Vehicles may have their own methods and tricks that will affect one attribute. If the player can explain how they would use the Method or Trick in any skill contest and the GM agrees, it may be included in the characterís five methods.

Steam Power - Strength +10
The character uses the power of the vehicle to overcome a task that requires raw power. This usually will be pushing pulling or lifting something but depends on the vehicle.

Escape - Agility +4
The character uses the speed of the vehicle to escape from an opponent.

Having this trick means the vehicle is capable of flight.

Iron Hide
Some vehicles like trains and iron clad ships are immune to small arms fire. Any damage is automatically reduced by ten (10) SP.

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