This skill represents a general knowledge of how to move undetected and defeat security measures.
Attribute: Perception


Sneak - Perception +1
The character attempts to move quietly and out of sight.

Scope Out - Perception +1
The character looks around an area before trying anything.

Cover of Darkness - Perception +2
The character uses the darkness to obscure their actions. It must be dark for the character to use this method.

Misdirection - Perception +1
Getting others to look at unimportant things.

No One’s Looking - Perception +1
Waiting for the right moment when no one is paying attention.

Feather Touch - Perception +1
A delicate and perceptive touch.

Quick as Lighting - Agility +1
Moving so quickly that others do not expect anything.

Ram - Strength +2
Running and slamming the body into an obstacle.

Kick - Strength +1
Using the strong leg muscles to apply force.

Shoulder - Strength +1
Leaning into an obstacle with the body’s weight.


Slight of Hand
This trick allows the character to add their Agility score to their Perception score to do things supposedly in plain sight like pickpocketing or palming an item.

This trick allows the character to add their Strength score to their Perception score to defeat a security system such as a lock, window, door or safe but subtracts from their perception score when trying to remain undetected.

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