This is a skill that shows a player knows how to out maneuver an opponent. This skill can be used individually or when a character is commanding a group.
Attribute: Intelligence


Terrain - Intelligence +1
Using terrain to gain the advantage.

Weather - Intelligence +1
Taking the weather into account.

Surroundings - Intelligence +1
Using resources available in the area to gain the advantage.

Discipline - Will +2
Many tactics require good discipline.

Scouting - Perception +1
Sending out members of a group to look around and ahead.

Watchman - Perception +1
Someone stays awake with the sole job of watching for trouble.

Keep Alert - Perception +1
Making the members of a group aware that there could be danger.


Divide and Conquer
This trick is used to divide up groups of NPCs into smaller groups so their attribute scores and methods are less powerful. For every point of Intelligence score that the player using this trick has over the groupís leader, the group is broken into that many smaller groups.

This trick is used to surprise an opponent so that they are not ready. The amount that the tactician that plays this trick and the group he is in beats the Perception score of the opposing group is the number of turns the opposition can only defend.

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