The use of the sword is an ancient practice that has many schools of thought. This skill represents a knowledge of some of them.

When an attacker is successful, the difference between the defender’s Agility score and the Attacker’s Agility score is the damage done to SP.
Attribute: Agility


Lunge - Agility +1
A quick stabbing attack.

Proper Form - Agility +1
Good form allows for quick and precise movements.

Parry - Agility +2
A defensive move that blocks an attacker’s sword with a sword or other object with enough strength to endure the blow.

Riposte - Agility +1
A counterattack made after a parry.
Required: Parry

Disengage - Agility +1
Once an attack is made, the character moves away.

Overhead Blow - Strength +2 Agility -1
This clumsy attack is well suited for the strong.

Heavy Sword - Strength +1
This Method cannot be used with fencing foils or rapiers.

Brace - Strength +1
A parry that the swordsman prepares for a crushing blow.

Patience - Perception +2 Agility -1
The character waits to see what the other character will do before making a move.

Check Step - Perception +1
A footwork bluff of a half step and then moving a full step in the opposite direction.

Invitation - Perception +1
A bluff that makes it appear the character is not ready.


Power Blow
This crushing blow requires that the defender separately beat the attacker’s Strength score. Even if one character does damage with Agility, the character using this trick can do Strength damage at the same time. This trick uses the difference in the character’s strength scores for damage.

A bluff that makes it look like the fencer has opened up an avenue to strike but are in fact ready to counter the strike. Bluff requires that the opponent also beats the character’s Perception score to do any damage.

The character rushes their opponent, eliminating the effect of the Bluff trick. As a consequence however, if they fail the agility contest while this trick is in play regardless of other tricks in play, the rusher takes one more point of damage.

Follow Through
The character moves back so that they can avoid a powerful attack and then lunge when it passes. This eliminates the effect of the Power Blow trick but if they fail the Agility contest while using this trick they take one more point of damage by miscalculating and stepping into the attack.

Instead of harming the opponent, this trick means that if the character wins the challenge, the opponent loses their weapon.

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