The Swashbuckler is a character that is an idealist hero. By choosing this story seed the player indicates that they would like to play such a role. The Swashbuckler is also strongly associated with swordplay and often makes use of a damsel in distress as a motive for the PCs to act. With this story seed, the good guys are noble and principled while the bad guys are despicable villains.


To encourage swordplay, a setting may be slightly earlier in the steam age (1770-1815) when firearms are less reliable and repeating firearms may be too expensive or rare for most to use. The setting may also take on an alternate history, perhaps with firearms being illegal but swords are still permitted for the gentry and army. Another option could be an invention that renders firearms useless but swords are still effective.


The virtues associated with knightly honor play a large part in the hero’s action. These virtues vary but are most often honor, respect for women and charity. Honor most often means the PC would not act in cowardly or craven way in this setting but in general a chivalric character would work hard to maintain their Personal Code and perhaps openly proclaim their virtues in following it. Respect for women in this setting is most often protecting them from danger and unwanted romantic advances. Charity can include giving to the poor but in this sense it is used in the sense of protecting or fighting for the disadvantaged.

The Damsel

In the Swashbuckling setting the Damsel may be a nobel (literally or figuratively) lady that has been put in a bad situation and is now at the mercy of a vile villain. Because of circumstances beyond her control she is required to suffer the advances of the villain. The hero’s job is to release her from the grip of the villain.

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