This section explains core elements of the Steampunkfitter’s system.


Skills are logical containers that hold the Methods and Tricks. They they indicate the main attribute that is used in a challenge and allow the player to track what their players can do in the game.

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When a character’s ability to perform an action is questioned by the GM or contested by another character, a conflict resolution test is required. To resolve this test, the player (or players) select five of their Methods or Tricks and writes them down. Each method has one or more bonuses attached to it, these are added to attributes. The highest value wins the contest.

Methods are the primary way that characters will accomplish tasks. Methods from different skills can be used in a single contest if the GM deems their combination feasible.

A player can pick a method as their character’s signature move. Once chosen, this cannot be changed as it represents many years of practice. The character gets a +1 bonus to this Method. Characters get only one signature move regardless of how many skills they have.


Tricks are special rules that a skill allows the character to use. Tricks may be specific in that they negate a method or they may add effects to the character’s actions.

Most tricks will add another attribute to the contest. For example, the skill Swordplay is normally an Agility contest. The trick Power Blow requires that the defender also beats the attacker’s Strength attribute. The secondary attribute tests are ways that a character can bring their other talents into a contest, making them less predictable.


The Steampunkfitters system is about strategy and surprise. This could lead to players taking a very long time to decide on what Methods and Tricks they will use each turn. Taking some time to put together a good strategy is important but taking too much is detrimental to enjoyable play.

To encourage fast play, if a player selects their methods and tricks in under twenty seconds they may add +1 to one of their methods. The player has to show that they are done in the time span by putting their paper face down on the table and declaring they will be using the +1. While their Methods are revealed they select where the +1 will be applied.

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