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This page is here for additional game rules or suggested modifications to existing rules.

[[SkillsMethodsAndTricks Skills Methods and Tricks]]
[[TrainsVelocyclesAndAirships Trains Velocycles and Airships]]

=====Advanced Rules=====
The PDF of Steampunkfitters is considered the Basic game and is designed to introduce the players to the game. The following are rules that add to the game play and the choices players will make. If a GM feels that any of these advanced rules will complicate play, they should be left out.

[[AdvancedVehicleRules Advanced vehicle rules]]
[[UntrainedSkills Untrained Skills]]
[[AdvancingSkills Advancing Skills]]
[[EnvironmentalDifficulty Environmental Difficulty]]
[[PassiveTricks Passive Tricks]]
[[RoleplayReward Roleplay Reward]]
[[AlternateSkills Alternate Skill Choices for Events]]
[[CoreItems Core Item Bonuses]]

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