This skill is used to secure things with rope, cables or chains. It can also be used to untie knots.

The Agility score is the strength of the knot.
Attribute: Agility


Tight - Agility +1
Keeping each twist and turn tight.

Bend - Agility +1
A knot that joins two ropes or lines. i.e. Sheet Bend.

Bight - Agility +1
Folding a rope so the parts lie along each other.

Dress The Knot - Agility +2
Arranging the parts of a knot for strength.

Hitch - Agility +1
Attaching a rope to an object like a post or cleat.

Loop - Agility +1
When the rope forms a circle and crosses itself.


A rope chain or cable is thrown so as to tangle the target in the strand. If the rope thrower wins the Agility contest their target is tangled in the rope until they can beat the thrower’s Agility score when the rope was thrown.

The knot can slide, automatically tightening itself as long as tension is applied to the opposite end of the rope. The strength of the knot becomes the Strength score of the character or object pulling.

Rope is used to securely attach two ropes or items. The strength of the attached items is equal to the character’s Agility score.

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