This is a general skill of fixing the structure but not the workings of damaged equipment. This skill is used to restore SP to vehicles and items that have been damaged.

The difficulty of this process is an Agility difficulty based on the SP being restored. Equipment that has dropped below 0 SP has a difficulty of twice the SP that was lost to restore it to an SP of 1.
Attribute: Agility


Replace - Agility +1
In with the new.

Reinforce Agility +1
Shoring up for more strength

Cover Up - Agility +1
Covering a hole may be cosmetic or functional.

Build - Agility +2
Fabricating new parts.

Precision - Perception +1
Accurate cuts to fabricate new parts.

Level and Plumb - Perception +2
Making sure things are square.

Measure - Perception +1
Checking the size.

Clean - Perception +1
Removing debris helps in seeing what needs work.

Plan - Intelligence +2
Think things through first.

Connect - Intelligence +1
Attaching parts.

Cross Braced - Intelligence +1
Making structures more secure.

Tear Out - Strength +1
Out with the old.

Bend - Strength +1
Flexing parts to get them into place.

Pry - Strength +1
Using leverage to amplify strength.


Check It
Using measurements and marks to make sure repair work is well built. This trick is required when there is a Perception difficulty on a Repair Challenge.

Brains are often required in repair tasks. This trick is required when there is an Intelligence difficulty on a Repair Challenge.

Using brute force in the building process. This trick is required when there is a Strength difficulty to a Repair Challenge.

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