This skill indicates the character is literate. It allows the character to used the stored information in writing to accomplish tasks.

Some reading tasks may have a difficulty of their own if the writing is damaged, in an old text or cryptically written.
Attribute: Intelligence


Vocabulary - Intelligence +1
A command of many words.

Understanding Theme - Intelligence +1
Following an overall concept in a text.

Main Ideas - Intelligence +1
Identifying core ideas of a text.

Grasping Principle - Intelligence +1
Understanding how ideas can be used.


Reading Up
This trick allows the user to study an Intelligence based skill that they do not already possess in a book and perform the methods while referencing the book. The Intelligence score of the Read and Write test is the highest the character can get for their Intelligence score on the skill being performed.

Using this trick allows the character to write a letter that uses their Intelligence score like it was their Charm in a persuasion skill test.

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