This is the ability to work the controls of an airship and give commands to the engineers to get the vehicle to move as desired.

Wind weather and clouds can play a significant role in airship movement. The GM should announce the wind direction at the start of action and each turn if it changes along with cloud status.
Attribute: Agility


Dive - Agility +1
The pilot uses the mass of the airship to accelerate in a dive.

Ballast Drop - Agility +2
The airship drops any extra cargo, water and fuel in order to ascend rapidly. This can only be used once.

Reverse - Agility +1
A sudden reversal of engines.

With the Wind - Intelligence +1 Agility +1
The pilot moves with the wind to move quickly.

Roll - Agility +1 Intelligence -2
Rolling the airship generally causes chaos.

Full Steam - Intelligence +2 Agility -1
The engineers stoke up the boiler until it is white hot. This gives the ship plenty of power but is difficult to maneuver.

Cloud Cover - Perception +2
The airship hides in cloud cover if available.

Spotters - Perception +1
The pilot positions spotters on the vessel to look out for other ships.


Evasive Maneuvers
This trick uses the pilots Agility score as a difficulty rating for the Gunnery skill and negate the Rough Guess trick.

The pilot hides the ship in a cloud or positions it in a blind spot of the other vehicle. This trick allows the pilot to use their Perception score as a difficulty rating for the Gunnery skill.

Clever Rigging
This trick allows the pilot to use their Intelligence score to improve the speed of the vessel.

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