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The act of attempting to win a person over to a different point of view or way of thinking. It is also used to convince someone to act when they were not going to (or the reverse to not act when they were going to).

The difference between the character’s Charm scores is the damage done to SP.
**Attribute:** Charm

Compliment - Charm +1
The persuader gives complements to make the subject feel good.

Warm Smile - Charm +1
A friendly smile makes the speaker more likable.

Common Ground - Charm +1
Establishing a common ground makes the speaker more likable.

Leading Questions - Intelligence +1
These are questions that lead the hearer to the conclusion desired.

For The Good Of The . . . - Honor +1
This is a call to act so that an honorable cause will benefit.

Repetition - Will +1
The same argument is stated over and over again.

Vitriol - Charm -1 Honor -1 Will +2
The expression of bitter verbal attacks.

The persuasion includes a call to act honorably. This trick requires that the person being persuaded also beats the persuader’s Honor score.

Logical Arguments
The persuasion includes logical arguments. This trick requires the person being persuaded also beats the persuader’s Intelligence score.

Stubborn Refusal
This defensive trick means that a character simply refuses to change their mind on the principle that they are right no matter what. This trick requires the persuader’s Will score to beat the Will score of person being persuaded.

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