A GM may allow for passive tricks to be used. These are tricks that should not require effort on a character's part to use but should remain in effect. This may include tricks like Iron Hide and possibly Flying dependent on the type of vehicle. These should be used sparingly and Methods should not apply passively.

To determine if a trick should be available as a Passive Trick, the GM should consider if any effort would be required to maintain the trick. Armored vehicles can be turned off and still enjoy the protection from that armor. However a knight using a shield requires that the knight keep the shield in between him and an attacker. Even full body armor on a knight can be circumvented if the knight is immobilized.

Any trick that is applied passively should be available to all characters to use in the same way. For example, if one steam train gets to apply the Iron Hide trick passively then all vehicles that possess this trick should also be applied passively.

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