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This is the knowledge of how to move rock to get at valuable metals or minerals and the tools to do so. This includes setting and using explosives.
**Attribute:** Perception

Careful - Perception +1

Prospecting - Perception +2
Searching for metals and minerals.

Panning - Perception +1

Driving Swing - Strength +2
A powerful pickaxe or sledgehammer swing.

Haul - Strength +1
Pushing carts or lugging bags of ore.

Dig - Strength +1

Grit - Will +2

A character uses this trick to safely set and then detonate an explosive. Explosives can have different Perception and Will scores, such as Dynamite Per 3 Will 1 and Nitroglycerin Per 2 Will 4.

Miners know when things are unsafe. It doesnít matter if itís a structure, machine or person. If a miner plays this trick and passes a Perception challenge based on the remaining SP of an object or character, they can get a feel for how close to failure it is.

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