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This is the art of healing. In this skill the doctor pauses illnesses and attempts to restore another character to health.

A character with this skill can pause a condition that causes a loss of SP or they can transfer SP from themselves or others to another character. The difficulty of this process is an Intelligence difficulty based on the SP being transferred. Characters that have dropped below 0 SP require twice as many SP as were lost to restore them to an SP of 1.
**Attribute:** Intelligence

For Medicinal Purposes - Intelligence +1
The patient imbibes brandy or other strong drink to dull pain or mental shock.

Stimulant - Intelligence +1
The doctor gives the patient a stimulating substance to revive them.

Bandage - Intelligence +1
Dressing wounds and sores aids in healing.

Bed Rest - Intelligence +2
The patient must remain in bed for a day.

Steady Hand - Agility +2
Calm nerves and fine motor control help in surgery.

This trick allows the doctor to add their Agility score to their Intelligence score.

The patient looses 4 Agility to gain 6 SP. The character may be fitted with a prosthetic that restores 1 Agility when worn.
Requires: Surgery

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