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Marksmanship is the skill in accurately hitting targets with a firearm.

When an attacker is successful, the difference between the defenderís Agility score and the Attackerís Agility score is the damage done to SP.
**Attribute:** Agility

Pot Shot - Agility +1
This is a quick shot that is not aimed

Rapid Shot - Agility +1
The marksman fires several times in hope that one of his shots will hit.

Crouch - Agility +1
By getting close to the ground, the shooter is more stable and a smaller target.

Prone - Agility +2
The shooter lays on the ground for a very stable position. Cannot be used at the same time as Crouch and the character cannot move this turn.

Hold Breath - Agility +1
Firing in between or holding oneís breath results in greater accuracy.

Zigzag Run - Agility +1
This can be used to defend even when unarmed. The character runs away from an attacker in a zigzag to make them more difficult to hit.

Lead the Target- Agility +1
Calculating where the target will be as the bullet reaches it.

Aim - Perception +2
Aim and Potshot cannot be used at the same time.

Wait For It - Will +2
The character waits for just the right shot.

Focus - Will +1
The character focuses on the target.

The character using this trick gets behind a sturdy object. This trick requires that the opponent beats the defenderís Agility and Perception scores.

Calm Nerves
The character stays calm giving them steady hands. This trick allows the character to add their Will score to their Agility score.

Quick Draw
Using this trick allows the character to draw a pistol and fire it in the same turn.

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