The skill of speaking and understanding many languages. The linguist knows a number of languages from a chosen region and can learn new ones quickly by breaking them down.

A linguist attempting to converse with a native speaker can learn one new word of a language every day for every point of their Intelligence score.
Attribute: Intelligence


Grammar - Intelligence +1
Knowing what order words are arranged.

Pronunciation - Intelligence +1
Focusing on the sounds in a word.

Accent - Intelligence +1
Paying attention to how sounds are formed.

Reference - Intelligence +1
The linguist must have books about the language in question to use this method.

Lexicon - Intelligence +2
Concentrating on known words.


When translating, a linguist must use this trick and match the Intelligence score of the speaker to understand what they are saying.

Rough Understanding
The linguist is able to use general language concepts and a quick mind for picking up new words to get a cursory understanding of a new language. This trick allows the linguist to convey simple concepts even without a complete understanding. The linguist and the person they are communicating with add their Intelligence scores together. Together they must pass a Linguist skill challenge with a difficulty of 12.

Ancient Text
Deciphering ancient texts can be challenging. For each word to be translated a Linguist test must be passed. Words can have different difficulties and may be very high, requiring several people to work on the text.

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