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Horses vary greatly in their abilities. Some have excellent stamina, others have great strength. Some have pleasant personalities and others are ill tempered and wild. Animals with all positive traits are highly prized and very expensive.

In the Victorian and Edwardian times, harming a horse was very dishonorable. Several personal code hooks play into this such as "never harm an innocent" (a horse would be an innocent) and "never attack an unarmed man" (a horse isn't a man but the principle of being unarmed comes into play).

Story: 2-4
Intelligence: -2
Will: 2-5
Honor: -2-4
Agility: 1-5
Perception: 1
Strength: 5-10
Charm: -1-3

=====Untrained methods=====

Kick - Strength +3
Kicking with the hind legs. Untrained, a horse cannot use this trick with a rider on it.

Bite - Strength -3

=====Trained Methods=====

Mounted Kick - Strength +3
This kick with the hind legs can be performed while a rider is mounted.

Anchor/Drag - Strength +3
The horse is tied (such as with a lasso) to another animal or person and is used to move them involuntarily or keep them from moving.

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