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======Welcome to the Steampunkfitters Wiki======
This wiki is here to make a searchable set of expansions to the Steampunkfitters RPG. We really mean it when we say "Steampunk your way!" We want you to have your say in how the game plays. If you have ideas for character creation events, skills or rules for how the system should work, this is the place to have your ideas heard. If you have artwork, here's one place to link to it.

=====Wiki Rules=====
Keep it clean, this is a family site. We want everyone to be comfortable here.
Respect other's opinions, there's room here to do it more than one way.
If a moderator gives you directions on making a change, please be respectful and make the change.
For news and game downloads go to the [[ Steampunkfitters Blog]].

== Getting started ==
* Sign up for a username. (Unfortunately because of the work that it requires to keep spam out, I've had to kill registration. I'm not happy about that. If you want to contribute, email me at emmett dot obrian at store32 dot net)
* Check and see if someone has made a similar entry.
* Create or edit an entry.

[[StorySeeds Story Seeds]]
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