This skill is a knowledge of heavy arms such as cannons on a naval ship.

When an attacker is successful, the difference between the defenderís Intelligence score and the Attackerís Intelligence score is the damage done to SP. This figure may be influenced by a vesselís Gun Multiplier.
Attribute: Intelligence


Windage - Intelligence +1
The gunner compensates for wind.

Elevation - Intelligence +1
The gunner takes elevation into account

Temperature - Intelligence +1
Temperature of the air and powder are taken into account.

Tables - Intelligence +2
The gunner consults a table of calculations if available.

Point Blank - Intelligence +2
If the guns are very close to their target this method can be played.

Rough Guess - Perception +2 Intelligence -1
Some variables are fudged in a rough guess.

Last Shot - Perception +1
Using the last volley to gauge where the next should go.


This trick is the character using observations to guess how to hit a target. This trick adds the Perception score of the character to their Intelligence score.

Indirect Fire
This trick is used to hit targets out of the line of sight by lobbing fire over obstacles.

Target Infantry
This trick allows a single artillery shot to do damage to groups of infantry or ship crew that are not undercover. The damage of the attack is applied to crew until there is no damage left.

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