Wikka Formatting Guide

Note: Anything between 2 sets of double-quotes is not formatted.

Once you have read through this, test your formatting skills in the SandBox.

1. Text Formatting

**I'm bold**
I'm bold

//I'm italic text!//
I'm italic text!

And I'm __underlined__!
And I'm underlined!

##monospace text##
monospace text

''highlight text'' (using 2 single-quotes)
highlight text

++Strike through text++
Strike through text

Press #%ANY KEY#%

@@Center text@@
Center text

2. Headers

Use between six = (for the biggest header) and two = (for the smallest header) on both sides of a text to render it as a header.

====== Really big header ======

Really big header

===== Rather big header =====

Rather big header

==== Medium header ====

Medium header

=== Not-so-big header ===

Not-so-big header

== Smallish header ==
Smallish header

3. Horizontal separator


4. Forced line break


5. Lists and indents

You can indent text using a ~, a tab or 4 spaces (which will auto-convert into a tab).

~This text is indented
~~This text is double-indented
    This text is also indented

This text is indented
This text is double-indented
This text is also indented

To create bulleted/ordered lists, use the following markup (you can always use 4 spaces instead of a ~):

Bulleted lists
~- Line one
~- Line two

Numbered lists
~1) Line one
~1) Line two

  1. Line one
  2. Line two

Ordered lists using uppercase characters
~A) Line one
~A) Line two

  1. Line one
  2. Line two

Ordered lists using lowercase characters
~a) Line one
~a) Line two

  1. Line one
  2. Line two

Ordered lists using roman numerals
~I) Line one
~I) Line two

  1. Line one
  2. Line two

Ordered lists using lowercase roman numerals
~i) Line one
~i) Line two

  1. Line one
  2. Line two

6. Inline comments

To format some text as an inline comment, use an indent ( ~, a tab or 4 spaces) followed by a &.


~& Comment
~~& Subcomment
~~~& Subsubcomment

7. Images

To place images on a Wiki page, you can use the image action.


{{image class="center" alt="DVD logo" title="An Image Link" url="images/dvdvideo.gif" link="RecentChanges"}}
dvd logo

Links can be external, or internal Wiki links. You don't need to enter a link at all, and in that case just an image will be inserted. You can use the optional classes left and right to float images left and right. You don't need to use all those attributes, only url is required while alt is recommended for accessibility.

8. Links

To create a link to a wiki page you can use any of the following options:

  1. type a WikiName:


  2. add a forced link surrounding the page name by [[ and ]] (everything after the first space will be shown as description):

    [[SandBox Test your formatting skills]]
    Test your formatting skills

    [[SandBox 沙箱]]

  3. add an image with a link (see instructions above).

To link to external pages, you can do any of the following:

  1. type a URL inside the page:


  2. add a forced link surrounding the URL by [[ and ]] (everything after the first space will be shown as description):

    [[http://example.com/jenna/ Jenna's Home Page]]
    Jenna's Home Page

    [[mail@example.com Write me!]]
    Write me!

  3. add an image with a link (see instructions above);
  4. add an interwiki link (browse the list of available interwiki tags):




9. Tables

The table action has been deprecated as of Wikka version 1.2 and has been replaced with the syntax that follows. Please visit the Wikka documentation server for information about the older table action.

Tables can be created using two pipe (||) symbols. Everything in a single line is rendered as a table row.


||Cell 1||Cell 2||

Cell 1Cell 2

Header cells can be rendered by placing an equals sign between the pipes.


|=|Header 1|=|Header 2||
||Cell 1||Cell 2||

Header 1Header 2
Cell 1Cell 2

Row and column spans are specified with x: and y: in parentheses just after the pipes.


|=| |=|(x:2)Columns||
|=|(y:2) Rows||Cell 1||Cell 2||
||Cell 3||Cell 4||

RowsCell 1Cell 2
Cell 3Cell 4

Many additional features are available using table markup. A more comprehensive table markup guide is available on this server's TableMarkup page. A complete syntax reference is available on this server's TableMarkupReference page.

10. Colored Text

Colored text can be created using the color action:


{{color c="blue" text="This is a test."}}
This is a test.

You can also use hex values:


{{color hex="#DD0000" text="This is another test."}}
This is another test.

Alternatively, you can specify a foreground and background color using the fg and bg parameters (they accept both named and hex values):


{{color fg="#FF0000" bg="#000000" text="This is colored text on colored background"}}
This is colored text on colored background

{{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="This is colored text on colored background"}}
This is colored text on colored background

11. Floats

To create a left floated box, use two < characters before and after the block.


<<Some text in a left-floated box hanging around<< Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler.

Some text in a left-floated box hanging around
Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler.

To create a right floated box, use two > characters before and after the block.


>>Some text in a right-floated box hanging around>> Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler.

Some text in a right-floated box hanging around
Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler.

Use ::c:: to clear floated blocks.

12. Code formatters

You can easily embed code blocks in a wiki page using a simple markup. Anything within a code block is displayed literally.
To create a generic code block you can use the following markup:

%% This is a code block %%.

 This is a code block 

To create a code block with syntax highlighting, you need to specify a code formatter (see below for a list of available code formatters).

echo "Hello, World!";

echo "Hello, World!";

You can also specify an optional starting line number.

echo "Hello, World!";

  1. <?php
  2. echo "Hello, World!";
  3. ?>

If you specify a filename, this will be used for downloading the code.

echo "Hello, World!";

test.php (line 15)
  1. <?php
  2. echo "Hello, World!";
  3. ?>

List of available code formatters:
ABAP abap Actionscript actionscript ADA ada
Apache Log apache AppleScript applescript ASM asm
ASP asp AutoIT autoit Axapta/Dynamics Ax X++ xpp
Bash bash BlitzBasic blitzbasic BNF bnf
C c C for Macs c_mac c# csharp
C++ cpp C++ (QT extensions) cpp-qt CAD DCL caddcl
CadLisp cadlisp CFDG cfdg ColdFusion cfm
CSS css D d Delphi delphi
Diff-Output diff DIV div DOS dos
dot dot Eiffel eiffel Fortran fortran
FOURJ's Genero 4GL genero FreeBasic freebasic GML gml
Groovy groovy Haskell haskell HTML html4strict
INI ini IO io Inno Script inno
Java 5 java5 Java java Javascript javascript
LaTeX latex Lisp lisp Lua lua
Matlab matlab Microchip Assembler mpasm Microsoft Registry reg
mIRC mirc Motorola 68000 Assembler m68k MySQL mysql
NSIS nsis Objective C objc OpenOffice BASIC oobas
Objective Caml ocaml Objective Caml (brief) ocaml-brief Oracle 8 oracle8
Pascal pascal Per (forms) per Perl perl
PHP php PHP (brief) php-brief PL/SQL plsql
Python phyton Q(uick)BASIC qbasic robots.txt robots
Ruby ruby Ruby on Rails rails SAS sas
Scheme scheme sdlBasic sdlbasic SmallTalk smalltalk
Smarty smarty SQL sql TCL/iTCL tcl
T-SQL tsql Text text thinBasic thinbasic
Unoidl idl VB.NET vbnet VHDL vhdl
Visual BASIC vb Visual Fox Pro visualfoxpro WinBatch winbatch
XML xml ZiLOG Z80 z80

13. Mindmaps

Wikka has native support for mindmaps. There are two options for embedding a mindmap in a wiki page.

Option 1: Upload a FreeMind file to a webserver, and then place a link to it on a wikka page:
No special formatting is necessary.

Option 2: Paste the FreeMind data directly into a wikka page:

14. Embedded HTML

You can easily paste HTML in a wiki page by wrapping it into two sets of doublequotes.

""[html code]""


""y = x<sup>n+1</sup>""
y = xn+1

""<acronym title="Cascade Style Sheet">CSS</acronym>""

By default, some HTML tags are removed by the SafeHTML parser to protect against potentially dangerous code. The list of tags that are stripped can be found on the SafeHTML documentation page.

It is possible to allow all HTML tags to be used, see Docs:UsingHTML for more information.

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