This is the ability to continually search the local area for items that may be of use. It can be used to find food in survival situations or parts for an invention.

Different environments will have differing difficulty values to find food. Some environments rich in resources may require a higher Intelligence score while resource poor environments will require higher Will scores. Failing the Intelligence score of a foraging test means that a dangerous item is found rather than a beneficial one such as poisonous plants instead of eatable.

A skilled forager can find enough food to survive off of for a day in a single hour.
Attribute: Perception


Observation - Perception +1
Keeping an eye out for the desired things.

Follow Signs - Perception +1
Looking for conditions that lead to the desired item.

Examine Environment - Perception +1
Looking at the lay of the land and where resources might be found.

Identify - Intelligence +1
Being able to identify an item that will serve the desired purpose (such as food).

Bitter to Sweet - Intelligence +1
Removing bad qualities from an item to make it usable.

Energy Conservation - Will +1
Not wasting effort on difficult or useless endeavors.

Suffer the Bitter - Will +2
Many foraged items only barely serve the desired purpose, if foraging for food it may not taste good.


This trick is required when there is a Will test to overcome when foraging.

Local Expertise
Knowing what can be found in an environment. This trick is required when there is a Intelligence test to overcome when foraging.

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