This skill refers to traditional Hand to Hand fighting or boxing.

When an attacker is successful, one SP is reduced.
Attribute: Agility


Jab - Agility +1
A quick strike

Duck - Agility +1
The fighter bows low to avoid strikes.

Footwork - Agility +2
The fighter keeps moving and dodging attacks.

Block - Agility +1 Strength +1
A defense that uses the arms to protect the rest of the body.

Uppercut - Agility -1 Strength +2
A blow to the jaw that is more powerful but must be close to the opponent.

Right Hook - Strength +1
A strong blow with the dominant hand.

Wind Up - Strength +1 Agility -1
Using the whole body for a blow, strong but slow.


Power Blow
This crushing blow requires that the defender separately beat the attacker’s Strength score. Even if one character does damage with Agility, the character using this trick can do Strength damage at the same time. This trick uses the difference in the character’s strength scores for damage.

Take It
This defensive trick allows the character to absorb blows. This requires that the attacker’s Agility or Strength score beats the character’s Will score to do damage or knock them out.

Knock Out
If a character wins the Agility contest by more than one point with fisticuffs in a turn, and this trick is played, the defender is knocked unconscious one turn for every point of their Agility score that they won by.

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