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In a story using the Fast Inventions seed, the time limit for building inventions is removed. Inventions still cost the same as far as SP but can be produced in game on very short notice. In this story, the inventors are the ultimate Ďmakersí being able to build in a matter of hours what it would normally take years for a regular person to accomplish. Games of this sort have the potential to be madcap building frenzies.

This will likely mean that there will be many low SP inventions introduced in the game with less realism unless the players take care in how they introduce inventions. If the desire is for a light humored game where inventors walk up and invent amazing machines on the spot, this seed works well. If players want a more serious game, several storytelling methods can be used.

====I have one back at the lab====

One way an invention that the players need can be introduced is by the players stating that they have been working on just such an item but have not yet mentioned it to anyone. It can be put to use as soon as it is retrieved. This explanation supposes that the inventor is always working on a large number of inventions but does not reveal them until there is an application for the invention.

====Iíve been waiting to test this====

In a similar vain, if the invention could have been carried in the inventors personal effects, the invention can be produced at just the right moment. They may have been working on a simple invention or even have been working out the concept for a time and finally is able to complete the project.

====All I need is to combine these devices====

The inventor is able to use available items to produce an invention that has the effect desired. The items may not have been in the GMís description of a scene, the player introduces them.

I noticed earlier several coils of copper in the workshed. Along with some of these jars and tin from the kitchen, I should be able to produce a Layden jar and a method to deliver an electrical shock.

====A simple modification====

The player character may take an existing invention and modify it in short order. The description of the modification should potentially make some sense for this method to work.

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