Character Creation Events

The Events listed in the basic book are only a start to what's possible. Here are a number of Events that can also be used in character creation.
The basic game's Events are targeted at European style characters. Here the Events are split into the different kinds of experiences one could find in different regions of the world.

Europe Event Track

Airship Pilot 4 SP
Athlete 4 SP A
Big Game Hunter 4 SP
Boiler Worker 2 SP
Brawler 4 SP
Business Man 5 SP
Circus Life 2 SP
Constable 4 SP A
Clockmaker 3 SP
Club Member 4 SP A
Detective A
Doctor 4 SP
Dragoon 5 SP
Dualist 6 SP A
Educated 3 SP
Good Upbringing 3 SP
GrandTour A
Madness 1 SP A
Miner 3 SP
Mountaineer 4 SP
Orphanage 1 SP
Pirate 6 SP
Reporter 4 SP A
Sailor 4 SP
Sea Captain 5 SP A
Shipwrecked 2 SP A
Smuggler 6 SP
Soldier 4 SP
Stage Acting 6 SP
Street Urchin 1 SP
Survivalist 4 SP
Tradesman 2 SP
Traumatic Event +4 SP A
University 4 SP
Warm Home 3 SP

Americas Event Track

Gunslinger 5 SP A
Gambler A
Brave Warrior 4 SP A
Trapper A

African Event Track

Animal Harmony A
Feral Child A
Jungle Living A
Landowner A

Orient Event Track

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