This skill is a way to show that the character knows and can abide by the rules of high society. Etiquette challenges are likely to happen over the span of a dinner or an evening instead of a short period of time.

Failing an etiquette challenge means that the character suffers embarrassment. Passing an etiquette challenge establishes a character’s place in society. Challenges may come as a basic difficulty at a society event or as a direct challenge from another character.

Passing or failing an etiquette challenge means that the character either gains or looses a point of their honor attribute. Alternatively the player may opt to gain or loose an SP.
Attribute: Honor


Proper - Honor +1
The character’s actions are appropriate for the situation.

Respect - Honor +2
Showing others that they are valued.

Manners - Honor +1
The character follows the local social rules.

Couth - Honor +1
Showing refinement of high society.

Hold Your Tongue - Honor + 1
The character doesn’t say anything that could get them into trouble.

Enunciation - Honor +1 Charm +1
Well formed speech is both good etiquette and socially attractive.

Look them in the eye - Charm +1
Maintaining proper eye contact shows that a person is not being deceptive.

Funny - Charm +2 Honor -1
The character is humorous.


Many social situations require the character to enter polite conversation. This trick brings the Charm attribute into play for etiquette challenges.

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