A difficulty number can be applied to character to character conflicts. This is done when one or both sides of a conflict have something that limits their effectiveness.

Environmental difficulty numbers subtract from the final scores of anyone they effect.

Environmental Difficulty Ratings
-1 Minor
-2 Bothersome
-3 Significant
-4 Strenuous
-5 Formidable
-6 Severe
-7 Arduous
-8 Grueling
-9 Brutal

Difficulties can apply to one or more attributes. They may at times be used to give an advantage to one side of a conflict if the attributes used to take action and defend are different.

Example Difficulties

In some cases a GM may impose an environmental difficulty if a conflict is lopsided because of conditions. For example in a swordfight the character on low ground may get a small difficulty penalty. Or if a conflict involves one character with a firearm and the other with a sword, especially if at the start there is a significant distance between the characters.

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