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This skill is used to display grace and fitness in a social setting.
**Attribute:** Agility

Timing - Agility +1
Stay in time to the music.

Elegance - Agility +1
Smooth floating movements.

Accurate Stepping - Agility +1
Each step is in the right place.

Vigorous - Agility +2
The dancer moves energetically.

Coy - Charm +1
Being modest or shy but provocatively.

Off Her Feet
This trick allow the character to use their agility instead of Charm in wooing. When an dancer has a higher agility score than their partner, the difference between the dancerís Agility scores is the amount the looserís SP is reduced.

This trick involves the character playfully making humorous movements and comments. This trick allows the dancer to add their Charm score to their agility score.

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