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This is the ability to climb ropes, cliffs, mountains and even shear walls.
**Attribute:** Strength

Lift With Legs - Strength +2
The legs are stronger than the arms.

Close To The Wall - Strength +1
Prevents the climber’s weight from pulling outward.

Tight Grip - Strength +1
Developing a good firm grip.

Anchor - Strength +1
A secure foothold on a rope by wrapping the rope around the leg or on a wall

Only Safe Grips - Agility +2 Strength -1
Not taking grips that are loose wet or incomplete limits advancement but is safer.

Hop - Agility +2 Strength -3
This risky method of jumping for a handhold is only suitable for the strong.

Stretch - Agility +1
Reaching for a handhold.

This trick is required when there is an agility test in climbing.

This trick is required when there is a will test in climbing.

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