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Player Characters in Steampunkfitters are generated by collecting events that define the characterís lives. Each event has an effect on the character, what they know and what they can do. It also creates a backstory for the characters that leads to a more interesting play.

An attribute is a way to show how good a character is in one aspect of their lives. There are eight attributes in Steampunkfitters, each one describes a different quality with a number.

All characters in Steampunkfitters has an attribute called Story. This attribute is used to build their character, influence game events and as a damage mechanic. Characters start out with 40 Story Points in this attribute, some of this will be spent building the character by buying events and some should be left over for game play. Itís a good idea to leave at least 10 Story Points left after constructing your character.

The Intelligence attribute signifies the characterís knowledge and mental training. Intelligence starts at 1.

Will is a measure of the characterís physical and mental toughness. It is used to gauge the characterís ability to keep going in the face of adversity. Will starts at 1.

In Victorian society, personal honor is extremely important. Honor defines how a character is received by others. Defining what makes a person honorable depends on the person and their values. Some value breeding and tradition, others may value intellectual rigor and still others may value loyalty and bravery. Society blends their values of what is honorable and how closely the individual lives up to their personal honor code. The Honor attribute gauges how the character is perceived accordingly. Honor starts at 1.

The Agility attribute is a measure of the characterís ability to move quickly with grace and accuracy. Agility starts at 1.

Perception is how well the character can sense the world around them. Perception starts at 1.

The physical power of the character is embodied by the strength attribute. Strength starts at 1.

This attribute represents how well a character expresses themselves. It is a measure of how others perceive the characterís personality. Charm starts at 1.

Characters can have skills that allow them to be more proficient at certain actions. Each skill allows the character to select Methods and Tricks.
Methods and Tricks are the tools that characters have to get tasks done. A Method is something that gives a bonus to actions that the player wants the character to do. A trick is a special rule that allows the character to perform special actions.

Events are things that have either happened to a character or a description of them. The more Events purchased with Story Points usually means that the character is older. Each event has a number of years listed with it that shows how much older it makes them. Some Events have prerequisite Events, meaning they cannot be purchased until the prerequisite Event has been purchased.
Each Event can boost attributes and add Skills to a character.

**Core Events**
Each player making a character is allowed to pick three main or core events that define their character. These are the events that are the most important in the characterís lives. For each core event they get a +1 to one of its Attribute Bonuses and can declare a special piece of equipment (See :Equipment). This attribute bonus is to the playerís choosing, they can apply it in a way they find the most interesting. Core events do not cost any more in SP than regular events.

[[Events List of events that can be purchased]]

=====Personal Code=====
A personal code represents things that are important to the character, qualities they take pride in. Choosing something for their personal code does not mean they automatically act according to it in every instance but if someone pointed out that they are not following it their sense of personal honor is wounded and the character is gravely embarrassed.
A characterís personal code is based on their social values. Whenever they are put in a position that compromises these values it will damage their Honor attribute.
For each point of Honor the character has, the player must pick an item for their personal code. Some events like Sailor and Soldier define the personal code item as Duty. Even if a characterís Honor attribute starts at or drops to a zero or less, they keep their personal code.

Protect the Weak
Never Hit a Lady
Never Harm An Innocent
Never Attack Unarmed Man
My Word Is My Bond
Never Been Beaten
Never Poor
Champion of The Poor
No One Left Behind
A Friend In Need
Scientific Rigor
A Job Well Done
Strict Diet
Well Spoken
I Am My Own Man

Equipment in Steampunkfitters is based on the events that the players selected for their characters and common sense. A character that has a skill, usually should have the tools they need to use those skills. There are some exceptions to this. An airship pilot does not usually start with an airship (unless they invented it) but would have their goggles. A Dragoon should not automatically come hauling a cannon but it would be reasonable to say that they should have their saber.
Characters should have some reasonable trappings from their chosen events. Any small items that the player feels should go with their character should be available to them. They can choose one important item from their history for each core event and write it in the equipment box of their character sheet. An important item may be a toolbox for a tradesman, a medicine bag for a doctor, a horse for a dragoon or yes even a small artillery piece like a maxim gun. Very large items such as an airship steamship or train still donít fall under these items.

**Debatable Items**
Some things are not easy to determine if a character should have them. A mountaineer character may feel itís justifiable for them to have five hundred foot of rope on them at just the right time. The GM may feel that it doesnít make sense since the character was just slipping off to the pub. If the player really wants the item and the GM feels it would be unlikely the character would have it on them, the player can spend 1 SP so that they may have it.

=====Story Seeds=====
When creating characters each player has a chance to choose a number of story seeds to tell the GM what kind of a game they would like to play.
Starting GMs may want to limit the players to selecting one seed per player but as the GM gets accustomed to building up a story world, each player should be allowed to select more seeds. Two or three seeds per player should be sufficient.
Optionally, the GM may allow players to bid away some of their characterís SP to buy another seed or to make their seed more prominent.

Mad Scientist
Antigrav Mineral
Either Engines
Land Ironclads
Sterling Engines
Sentient Machines
One Shot Adventure
Difference Engines
Prolific Technology
Prolific Monsters
Giant Machines
Secret Society
Missing Person(s)
Alien Planet
Fast Inventions (no time limit for inventions only SP cost)
Unexplored Wilderness
Alien (Martian) Invasion
Space Flight
Clockwork Cybernetics
Mutation Chemistry
Class Divide
High Society
Gold Rush
Warring Nations
Primitive Society
Hollow Earth

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