This skill is a knowledge of how steam boilers work and how to repair them when they donít.
Attribute: Intelligence


Diagnostic - Intelligence +2
The engineer tests the systemís output.

Check Gauges - Intelligence +1
Check the needles for system status.

Study - Intelligence +1
The engineer learns about the machine.

Double Check - Intelligence +1
The first look may not reveal everything.

Trace Out - Perception +1
The engineer follows the flow of steam.

Fine Tooth Comb - Perception +2
Every pipe and valve is checked. This method requires at least fifteen minutes to complete.

Pry Bar - Strength +2
Use leverage.

Hammer - Strength +1
Give it a good whack.


Brute Force
In situations where parts are stuck, brute force allows the boiler worker to use their strength score to overcome the difficulty.

This trick allows the boiler worker to find problems that are not obvious. This trick should be used when a problem has a Perception difficulty.

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