These are general attributes for a big cat. Some like the Tiger have a very high Strength attribute. Others like the Panther have a very high Agility. Big cat damage is based on their Strength score minus their prey's strength score.

Big cats are common quarry for big game hunters because their high perception and agility make them very hard to locate and kill.

Story: 1-3
Intelligence: -3
Will: 1-3
Honor: 4-10
Agility: 5-8
Perception: 3
Strength: 1-10
Charm: 4-8

Untrained methods

Claw - Strength +1

Bite - Strength +1

Pounce - Strength +3

Cat's Reflexes - Agility +3

Stalk - Agility +1 Perception +1

Smell - Perception +1

Observation - Perception +1

Untrained Tricks

Cat's Eyes
A cat can often disappear from sight and still stalk it's prey. It can also use it's heightened senses to avoid harm.
If the cat's perception score is higher than that of their opponent's, subtract the cat's perception score from their opponent's and add it to their agility score while this trick is in play.


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