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This skill gets the hearer to respond favorably to requests because of sympathy for the speaker.

In order to successfully beg from another character, the beggar must appeal to the feelings of the listener. When the character begging makes a request that matches something in the listenerís personal code, the listener must comply or their Honor attribute is reduced.
**Attribute:** Charm

Please Sir - Charm +1
Straight out asking nicely.

Sob Story - Charm +1
Telling a sad story to get listeners to feel pity.

Nuisance - Charm +1
Get what you want by promising to go away once gotten.

Pitch - Charm +1
To propose a course of action that will benefit the giver.

Entertainer - Charm +2
By amusing people they feel more affection for the beggar.

Follow A Crowd - Perception +1
Begging where there are plenty of people

Aristotle felt that for someone to feel pity they have to feel misfortune is undeserved. To do that, the listener must feel the beggar has sufficient honor to be worthy of help. This trick is the beggar using their Honor to get the listener to want to answer their request. This trick removes the requirement of the Personal Code hook if the beggarís Honor score is greater than the listenerís Honor score.

Aware of the Crowd
Keeping an eye out for the mood of the crowd. This trick must be used for Perception difficulties on Begging challenges.

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