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The Athletics skill shows that a character is capable of vigorously exerting themselves.

**Attribute:** Strength

High Jump - Strength +2
The ability to jump over obstacles

Shotput - Strength +1
Throwing a heavy object as far as possible

Long Jump - Agility +1 Strength +1
Jumping as far as possible.

Wrestling - Agility +1 Strength +1
Contending with another person by overpowering them.

Javelin - Agility +1
The ability to throw a javelin or spear accurately.

Running - Agility +2 Strength +1
An athlete is a trained runner.


This trick allows a character to avoid a Strength based attack by having a higher Agility score than the Agility score of the attacker.

This trick allows the character to subdue another character. The grappler's strength and agility scores are subtracted from the strength and agility scores of their opponent. This applies to both grapplers. If either grappler has their Strength and Agility scores reduced to zero they are not able to take any significant actions that would require those attributes such as running or fighting.
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