This is the skill of caring for and training animals.
Attribute: Will


Reward - Will +2
Positive reinforcement.

Punish - Will +1
Negative reinforcement.

Constancy - Will +1
Keeping things the same helps the animal know what to expect.

Body Language - Charm +1
Understanding how the animal interprets body language.

Soothing Touch - Charm +1
Calming down the animal with a gentle hand.

Reactions - Perception +1
Watching the reactions of the animal.


Animals may be taught to obey a command by passing a Will challenge against the animal’s Will score and spending one SP. Commands consist of simple instructions such as ‘sit’, ‘lay down’, ‘come here’ or the ability to ride for larger animals like horses. Domestic animals will follow the commands of the one who trained them but each time a wild animal is given a command the handler must pass a will contest.

Sick or wounded animals may be treated using this skill and investing SP in them up to the point where they have 0 SP. Any animal with less than 0 SP can only be treated with the Medicine skill.

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