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This skill is used to trick someone into thinking the character is someone they are not. Alternatively disguise can be used to hide one’s identity.
**Attribute:** Charm

Imitation - Charm +1
The actor carefully recreates someone they have met.

Expression - Charm +1
The actor copies a facial expression.

Voice - Charm +2
Changing the voice to imitate someone or just to make it unrecognizable.

Wardrobe - Perception +1
To use this method the character must have access to appropriate clothing.

Disguise - Perception +2
To use this method the character must have a disguise available and time to apply it.

Attention To Detail
This trick is used to make the portrayal of a person more realistic. This allows an actor to add their Perception score to their Charm score.

Quick Disguise
This trick is used to apply a simple disguise that obscures the actor's true identity. The Actor's Charm score is the difficulty number for another character's Perception score to recognize them.

When playing this trick, the actor is pretending to be someone important or that they are a more honorable person than they really are. Once a person is convinced that the actor is who they say they are, they may use the Charm score of this test as if it were there Honor score for the command skill.

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