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This is the ability to tumble, flip and swing by ropes and bars. The methods and tricks are useful for evading harm and escaping from dangerous situations.
**Attribute:** Agility

Flip - Agility +1
This is used to move quickly in unexpected ways making a character harder to hit.

Twist - Agility +1
This is the ability to wriggle out of ropes or even another character’s grip.

Swing - Agility +2
This is the ability to grip firmly to a rope or bar and use it to fling oneself through the air.

Flexible - Agility +1 Strength +1
The character keeps their body flexible.

Tumble - Strength +2
This method is used to absorb impacts that may harm the character.

Leap - Strength +1
This is the practiced ability to jump vigorously. It is used to jump further and higher than normal.

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