Plans For The Near Future

Right now SPF is in development. Learning to handle basic tasks in the game takes some getting used to because there are no dice. Playtesting has shown that the conflict resolution system has a learning curve but so far the players are having fun.

Because learning the conflict resolution system is so different from what we’re used to, I want to keep a basic book available so new players aren’t overwhelmed. At the same time, we’re already coming up with a ton of ideas that would make the book blow up like a balloon. I’m thinking that a wiki with more skills, events (used in making characters), rules and invention descriptions would be a good idea. The best could be put into an advanced game book with artwork and all those options in place.

This project needs artwork. If you love steampunk and would like to make your mark on this project let me know in the comments. All  contributors will get full credit for their contributions.

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Hello world!

Hello all, this is the development website for Steampunkfitters Role Playing Game. Your diceless semi-narrative source for all your steampunk needs. Steampunkfitters is designed so that the players have a voice in the in game story from concept to completion. The SPF system is far from just a generic system, it suggests themes and gives story seeds for the players to vote on. It also has an invention system that is at the same time simple, and very powerful (one of our players made a cat that could fire a freeze ray from it’s mouth with it).

Steampunkfitters RPG and this website is released under Creative Commons Attribution licence.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

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