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New Material

I’ve been doing some work on new advanced game rules and Events and putting them on the wiki. Here’s some of what’s now available. Club Member Dualist Sea Captain Shipwrecked Running the PBP game at 1KM1KT has brought up a few ideas for rules and reminded me of a few more that I forgot to […]

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Example of Play

Here’s an example of actual play on a forum at 1KM1KT. Come and check it out! The Hypnomechanical Theater, in Brazil There are three PCs, one is a rich adventurer, the other is a street urchin turned actor and the third is a soldier turned big game hunter. The three are on an adventure to […]

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Ennies Submission and Wiki Report

Well, it’s a longshot but SPF has been submitted to the Ennies. I’d be floored if we got anywhere but hey I think we’ve got a pretty neat system here so hopefully they do too. I gotta say the Ennies crew are on the ball, the submission was handled immediately. I put a new skin […]

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New Wiki

I’ve replaced the wiki, the new one doesn’t look very good yet but I’ll work on that. It’s more functional than the old one and hopefully it’ll be easier to manage. Some of the info that was already imported was not moved over but this wiki is faster so it should be easier to get […]

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Spam Is Out of Control On The Wiki

I may be moving the wiki to another solution, MediaWiki doesn’t seem to be working out. For one I’m having trouble with bringing up pages to edit them. I frequently get a blank page. Just navigating is sometimes a chore. Now there are a lot of spammers mucking up the works and MediaWiki doesn’t seem […]

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Working on The Wiki

I put some work into the wiki today, blocked a spammer and did some work on the alien planet story seed. For the wiki. . . Added the Athletics skill which has a pretty cool trick called Grappling Added the Athlete event Added Untrained Skills to the advanced rules Added Advancing Skills to the advanced […]

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File and Wiki Updates

I was playing with adding a little bit of ironwork to the headers. I have a feeling they’ll cause trouble every time I update the files so I don’t know if I’ll keep them. I put a few more skills in the wiki. I’ll be doing that periodically because if I add a lot of […]

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File Update and Fun Stuff

The PDF has been updated. I haven’t done all the things Rob asked me to do but I’m working on it. In the mean time here’s some fun links and video. Victorian Names Steampunk Names  

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The Wiki Is Up

To give a place to all the ideas that won’t fit in the basic book I’ve set up a wiki. I threw in some basic structure so people can see basically how it’s intended to work and even threw an example of a new skill. What I’ll probably do, is post new character creation Events, […]

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Plans For The Near Future

Right now SPF is in development. Learning to handle basic tasks in the game takes some getting used to because there are no dice. Playtesting has shown that the conflict resolution system has a learning curve but so far the players are having fun. Because learning the conflict resolution system is so different from what […]

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