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It’s Been A While

The SPF blog has been pretty quiet. I’ve been working on other projects and that’s taken a lot of my time. I think the artwork needs to be revisited since my skills have improved over time. There’s also a lot of content on the wiki that would greatly expand the book. So this is what […]

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What’s Up?

It’s been quiet around here. I’d like to do more for SPF but at the moment I’ve been busy with The Artifact and moving everything to the third edition rules. In the mean time I’m improving on my painting skills. Eventually I’ll be able to do the artwork for SPF some justice. I’m kind of […]

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File Update

The file is updated with some new language referring to forming plans with the five methods and tricks. I also adjusted the rules for adding to inventions or creating new ones.

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What’s Your Plan?

Sometimes you stare at a problem for a long time without coming up with a solution. Something in it tells you that there should be an easy solution but nothing comes to mind. Then, finally, when it comes to you there’s a eureka moment and then you realize that you’re a dunce for not thinking […]

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File Update

I’ve added some of the images from the blog along with some public domain images. The rules for inventions and the rules for overlapping skills from events have also been adjusted.

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Where Have I Been?

I’ve been away from SPF for a bit now. At the moment I’m running a Kickstarter for The Artifact which has been taking up most of my attention. Once the crazyness settles down from that, I’ll be able to get back to working on SPF.

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Added Google Translate

SPF has been getting some attention from an international audience. To help anyone that may want to read the articles on the blog but may not be totally comfortable with english, I added a google translate widget. I know it won’t be a perfect solution but it’s the best that I can do being unilingual […]

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New Header Picture

I’ve been wanting to replace the header picture since putting up the site and I finally had enough to put together a collage. I think if I keep doing more artwork, I’ll change it occasionally. If you’re an artist and want to donate some art I’m still interested!

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Getting Started On Artwork

I got my drawing hardware in and learning how to use it. I’m also learning how to draw Victorian clothing. Here are my first attempts. My dapper fellow in blue is a bit distorted, I was playing and getting the hang of things so he’s really just a style study. The second piece I did, […]

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Hey Brother, Can Ya’ Spare A Dime. . . I Mean Art?

It’s no secret that SPF needs art in a bad way. If you’re an artist that would like to get in on a project let us know. We could use your help. I’ve been wanting to start drawing for SPF for a while now. I’ve got some ideas on a style but I’m waiting on […]

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