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File Update

The file is updated with some new language referring to forming plans with the five methods and tricks. I also adjusted the rules for adding to inventions or creating new ones.

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What’s Your Plan?

Sometimes you stare at a problem for a long time without coming up with a solution. Something in it tells you that there should be an easy solution but nothing comes to mind. Then, finally, when it comes to you there’s a eureka moment and then you realize that you’re a dunce for not thinking […]

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File Update

I’ve added some of the images from the blog along with some public domain images. The rules for inventions and the rules for overlapping skills from events have also been adjusted.

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Overlapping Skills During Character Creation

In the wiki I have some options for what to do when creating a character and the skills from the events you’ve picked overlap. They’re a bit complicated because they involve a lot of options. That’s cool if you’re really into the game and want more options but the main book pdf is intended to […]

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Inventions and Intelligence

I’ve thought about inventions a number of times and how any character can make one. I’ve often thought that a more intelligent character should be able to make a better invention. At times I put this idea off, thinking that a even a less intelligent character may have had some unexpected burst of insight, paid […]

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More Player Worldbuilding

SPF encourages player world building by having them select story seeds but can that involvement in the world narrative be amplified? There is a conflict of interest to the players creating the world they live in because they can generate a cushy cozy niche for themselves. Does that have to be a bad thing? One […]

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Working on The Wiki

I put some work into the wiki today, blocked a spammer and did some work on the alien planet story seed. For the wiki. . . Added the Athletics skill which has a pretty cool trick called Grappling Added the Athlete event Added Untrained Skills to the advanced rules Added Advancing Skills to the advanced […]

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About The Setting

Another thing that the game book needs is a setting but this is tricky. The game world is supposed to be built according to the players choices, wouldn’t an established setting make that impossible or at least more difficult? It could but it doesn’t have to. Broad sweeping strokes should be enough to establish the […]

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Creating A Scenario

Rob Lang over at 1KM1KT gave me a laundry list of fixes to the game book. I’m starting to work on them and there are some big oversights. One is that I don’t explain how to create a scenario to a new GM so here’s my attempt at it. Players will need some kind of […]

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