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Fatal To Enter

  If I had a band, this would be it’s name. I don’t have a band. Or any discernible musical talent. I guess it’ll just have to be the warning on the entrance of my secret lair.

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The Acoustic Gun

The sound was so loud that Griffin had to pull the earflaps off. “Something just happened, we might have to go in.” He suggested. Harold just grinned. He wanted to go in and smash the place an take what they wanted but Griffin had got in his way. Jake looked worried. “It’s day, can’t go […]

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Emily’s Discovery

Emily had never been allowed into her father’s workshop. She had tried to peak in from time to time but was never able to see past the large bookshelf her father put just beyond the door. It had been a week since he disappeared and his usual associates in town could tell her nothing about […]

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Getting Started On Artwork

I got my drawing hardware in and learning how to use it. I’m also learning how to draw Victorian clothing. Here are my first attempts. My dapper fellow in blue is a bit distorted, I was playing and getting the hang of things so he’s really just a style study. The second piece I did, […]

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The Mapingauri

We just finished up the game that was running on 1KM1KT. There was a creature that the players were hunting down. When I went looking for something for the players to go after I was looking up wildlife in Brazil, thinking that it would be some kind of big cat they would encounter. Then I […]

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How to Make Chicken – The Mad Scientist Way!

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More Thoughts on Setting

A while ago I was watching a Nova special on quantum mechanics and one of the physicists commenting said something along the lines of ‘If it weren’t for quantum mechanics we would all be still using steam engines’. That made me think, in an alternate universe, where quantum mechanics didn’t exist, would we be living […]

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File Update and Fun Stuff

The PDF has been updated. I haven’t done all the things Rob asked me to do but I’m working on it. In the mean time here’s some fun links and video. Victorian Names Steampunk Names  

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One of our questions from the get go was how does money work in a game where the equipment is based on common sense rather than an exhaustive list? Several Events give the character money, two of them give £500 and the Inheritance Event gives £2000, but how much is that? I knew those were […]

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