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The Mine

“That’s strange, he’s not here.” Griffin mumbled. “Who’s not here boy?” Coffer asked. Griffin Kerry shook his head. “This is where Harold went down. I thought for sure his body would be here. We saw the spiders mob him and he went down.” Coffer scratched his chin. “That would be a terrifying sight, I can’t […]

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Gear Up

The men started discussing how they might defeat the jackal spiders by doing this or that and at times their voices became very excited. Emily listened to this conversation for some time, trying to gain insight on the situation. She quickly felt that their conversation had gone very wrongly, they were not discussing the right […]

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“Now all that’s left is to teach you how to fight.” Coffer said after she had choked down Jake’s curative. “If it will get my father back.” Emily replied. “Aye lass, you’ll get yer’ father back. He was my friend and its all any of us have thought about for these last few weeks. I […]

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The Jackal Spider

I’ve been slacking on artwork because I’ve made a lot of progress writing lately. To show that I haven’t completely forgotten good old SPF, here’s a beastie for you to use. The jackal spider is an enormous species of spider, previously unknown to man because of their feeding method. The jackal spider injects a venom […]

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The Formula

“You!” she charged at him, her parasol struck him repeatedly but he barely flinched. “Siegfried, why is she here.” He turned his attention to her “This isn’t a playground for little girls.” She glared at him. “Mr. Adler, since my father is missing, and I am his only heir, that makes this my property. Please […]

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Left Behind

One. . . Two. . . Three. . . “What are we doing here boy? There’s nothing here!” Harold nearly shouted. “Sir, you try my patience. I have hired you for the skills you do possess, not the ones you do not. One of which being the ability to correctly assess this situation.” Griffin replied […]

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The Monster

The huge barreled pistol boomed. Pointed straight at Emily, the impact of the bullet knocked her right over. There was no way to survive a gunshot like that. Siegfried was on top of Coffer a quarter of a second later, pummeling him with his huge fists. The old man kept up his arms doing his […]

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The Boilerworker

Emily rushed through the yard to the structure labeled in large white letters, “Engine Building No. 1” where she knew Mr. Adler would be. The workers were leaving for their homes nearby as the sun was setting but she knew that Mr. Adler would still be working well into the night. What was worse, Emily […]

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The Dog Cart

Emily wasn’t sure about getting on Mr. Coffer’s dog cart but her father’s boiler works was five miles outside of town. The old man was also the only one who seemed to know something about where her father might be. “Do you know where my father is?” She asked him. “Mr. Drake has gone off […]

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The Town Drunk

Emily never knew why her father tolerated Mr. Coffer. He was the opposite of her father, a lazy shiftless drunk and he smelled. Unfortunately he knew something. He knew about the notebook and the cutter and that meant he knew more than that. She found him at the train station with his top hat placed […]

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