This website is here to develop and promote the Steampunkfitters RPG by Store32. Steampunkfitters is released under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Why the name Steampunkfitters?

A tradesman that works with steam pipes is called a steamfitter. In this game the players are putting together a story about the steam age with an emphasis on technology breaking through the culture of the day, thus the “punk”. Put it all together and you have Steampunkfitters.

Store32 also publishes The Artifact RPG.


4 Responses to About

  1. FredH says:

    FINALLY a steampunk RPG that doesn’t shoehorn in elves or something. Thanks!

  2. […] EN SteamPunk RPG žaidimas Steampunkfitters (nebūtina žaisti, kai kada įdomu skaityti […]

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