It’s Been A While

The SPF blog has been pretty quiet. I’ve been working on other projects and that’s taken a lot of my time. I think the artwork needs to be revisited since my skills have improved over time. There’s also a lot of content on the wiki that would greatly expand the book. So this is what I’m thinking.

I’m going to casually work on pictures over time and put them in the PDF. I’m also going to work on a print version that will have all the wiki options in it, even more art and such. This way, players can get started with the “basic” game and if they like, upgrade to print.

This is likely going to take time to do. If I can set up a routine of turning out a picture every week, I can slowly improve the look of the game.

It’s also been suggested that player could pool SP to build bigger inventions. I think that’s a good option to be included in the print version.

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  1. Perrin says:

    Nothing wrong with taking your time, especially when you’re the one doing most of the work. I’m grateful that you’re brave enough to do this at all, let alone trying to make it the best you can. Thanks!

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