What’s Your Plan?

Sometimes you stare at a problem for a long time without coming up with a solution. Something in it tells you that there should be an easy solution but nothing comes to mind. Then, finally, when it comes to you there’s a eureka moment and then you realize that you’re a dunce for not thinking of it sooner.

My problem was that each turn in SPF the players pick five methods and tricks for what their character will do that turn. Saying “Five methods or tricks” is clunky so I wanted a term that would encompass that idea and be said easily but I couldn’t come up with good name for a category that would encompass “methods” and “tricks”. Nothing seemed to describe both of those options. I mulled this over many times.

When describing the mechanic of SPF to players I’ve explained it like the character is taking all the things they know and are applying it to the situation. Now I meant that mentally and physically but before a physical action can be taken, even if it’s only a split second before, it has to be mental.

That’s a plan.

That’s the answer to my conundrum. It’s that simple. When a player is arranging their five methods and tricks, they’re planning.

So now when a player has to take an action, I won’t say “What are your five methods and tricks?” I’ll just ask “What’s your plan?”

I’ll update the language of the PDF with this term in a few days. Then I have to update the wiki with all these changes I’ve been making.

So simple it hurts.


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