Overlapping Skills During Character Creation

In the wiki I have some options for what to do when creating a character and the skills from the events you’ve picked overlap. They’re a bit complicated because they involve a lot of options. That’s cool if you’re really into the game and want more options but the main book pdf is intended to be simple.

To that end, I’ll be altering the main pdf (soon) with one simple rule for skill overlap. If you pick an event that gives the character a skill that you already have, it costs one SP less and the duration of the event it one year less.

This might be something a player could game to get free events and boost their stats, I haven’t played with that yet. On a quick check, the effect should be minimal and there may be an opportunity here to make some advanced events that are very expensive normally but if the character already has skills from similar events the event becomes more affordable and might offer something special.

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