More Player Worldbuilding

SPF encourages player world building by having them select story seeds but can that involvement in the world narrative be amplified? There is a conflict of interest to the players creating the world they live in because they can generate a cushy cozy niche for themselves. Does that have to be a bad thing?

One of the design elements incorporated in SPF is the idea of limited safe zones. For example, the character creation event “wealthy” gives a character a safe zone that if money has to be spent, they already have a considerable amount and it’s not an issue.

Friendly Factions

I think I’d be okay with the players creating friendly factions in the game that they can call upon when in need of aid. Holmes does it when he calls on his brother. Watson has no idea that Holmes even has a brother and that he’s even smarter the legendary detective, he just doesn’t do much with his intelligence.

So maybe the way to do it is to place a limit on the player friendly faction? The player says that they are members of a thieves guild that can hide them if they get in trouble and will bail them out if they are caught. That’s fine but now a limit is placed on them. They have been facing considerable investigation from the police so they’re reach is now limited or they’ll give themselves away.

This limiting factor would not be restricted to the GM either. Other players have a chance to place a limit and in return, get a SP bonus (+1-2 SP) for their character.

Dangerous Factions

Players may also create dangerous factions, elements of the world that will give them trouble. When they do this they get a SP bonus (+3-5 SP) to make their character. However, one character created faction could severely hurt another’s enjoyment of the game, so dangerous factions can be given a limitation by they other players.

This isn’t fully formed yet, I’ll ponder this for a bit and see if I can’t refine it.

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