Monthly Archives: June 2012

Added Google Translate

SPF has been getting some attention from an international audience. To help anyone that may want to read the articles on the blog but may not be totally comfortable with english, I added a google translate widget. I know it won’t be a perfect solution but it’s the best that I can do being unilingual […]

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New Header Picture

I’ve been wanting to replace the header picture since putting up the site and I finally had enough to put together a collage. I think if I keep doing more artwork, I’ll change it occasionally. If you’re an artist and want to donate some art I’m still interested!

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“Now all that’s left is to teach you how to fight.” Coffer said after she had choked down Jake’s curative. “If it will get my father back.” Emily replied. “Aye lass, you’ll get yer’ father back. He was my friend and its all any of us have thought about for these last few weeks. I […]

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