The Jackal Spider

I’ve been slacking on artwork because I’ve made a lot of progress writing lately. To show that I haven’t completely forgotten good old SPF, here’s a beastie for you to use.

The jackal spider is an enormous species of spider, previously unknown to man because of their feeding method. The jackal spider injects a venom that makes a person unable to notice it. The spider starts injecting it’s victim when they are very young but it takes time for the venom to build up in their brain so young children can sense that something is wrong in their perception. This often happens when the spiders come out at night or are hiding under the child’s bed or in their closet. The effect of the venom is weaker when the spider is in the light so the creatures naturally avoid it.

A musk in the spider’s sent gland signals their victim’s brain to not pay attention to their presence. Over the years a single spider will feed on an individual hundreds of times with their health slowly degrading.

Some people have shown a resistance to the spider’s venom and are able to perceive the spiders under certain conditions. There are also unsubstantiated reports of a cure that partly reverses the venom’s effects in some people.

Story: 2
Intelligence: -1
Will: 3
Honor: -5
Agility: 10
Perception: 8
Strength: 4
Charm: -4

Untrained Methods

Bite Agility +1

If a spider senses that it has been seen, they will attempt to make a bite attack.

Leap Agility +2

The spider can leap great distances.

Webs Str +10

The spider’s webbing is very strong, they will wrap their webbing around themselves, forming a protective layer and wear the webbing as a garment.

Venom Per +10

The Jackal Spider waits until their victim is sleeping and will inject their venom from a very early age. They seem to be able to tell if a person has been bitten.


This trick requires that a character beat the spider’s perception score to be able to see them.

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